Life is Good

I had the great fortune this weekend to celebrate the 95th birthday of my friend’s grandmother. Spry and sound of mind, Grams outlasted me at the party! Of course, it was in her honor, which offered her more incentive to stay awake.

I met this family shortly after moving here. I was invited to Easter dinner 12 years ago by a woman I had been working with for only 3 months or so. Our friendship was new, but I think she felt sorry for me being alone on the holidays. Little did she know… 🙂

Eventually, as we worked together, I spent more and more time with her family. Birthdays, holidays, weddings; any excuse for a party. They even make garage sales into a party!

We were partners in crime for 9 years, troubleshooting computers for Corporate America before I switched jobs. Shortly after my switch, we were both laid off and moved on to other adventures, but we still get together.

When she told me of Grams’ “surprise” party, she told me it was going to be a small party, just family and a few close friends. Her 90th was a huge shindig at a fancy hotel, catered, with 100s of friends and family flying in from all over the country. When I got to this year’s party, “family” turned out to be ALL her kids, grandkids and great grand kids (with the exception of one), spouses if they had them, a couple of nieces and a few close family friends. That comes to 2 kids, 2 nieces, 10 grandkids, at least 15 great grandkids, and almost 20 spouses or friends. The majority of the group lives in Michigan, and snuck into town right under Grams’ nose for the celebration.

I spent much of the evening trying to get the family tree straight in my head, while trying to remember their names. When I wasn’t laughing at all the dancing, comedy skits and general craziness going on, that is…

There must be some entertainment chromosome in their gene pool, because none were shy when it came to performing. Skits from movies IN costume, singing and dancing like M-TV rock stars.

All in all, a great party to celebrate a great life!

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