Books, Books and More Books

Last month, I downloaded a plug-in to my blog that lets me put in the information on the book I’m reading.

The only problem with that is that it only has room for one book. I usually read more than one at a time. Sometimes I read up to 5 different books at once. I have electronic books downloaded to my PDA. I have others on my laptop. I even have paperbacks!

I am currently reading The Big Law. But I’ve just finished the book White Road, by John Connolly. I discovered Mr Connolly quite by accident. While in the book store, I was looking for a book to read when I saw a book called The Black Angels. It was written by John Connolly, an author whose other books I read and liked.

Or so I thought. The author whose books I had actually read and liked was Michael Connelly. Michael’s main character of many of his stories is a homicide detective named Harry Bosch. His stories are, you guessed it, homicide stories.

When I started reading The Black Angels, I noticed Mr Connelly had a new hero. Charlie Parker was a former private investigator who investigates homicides. Only, Charlie Parker can also “see dead people”. That, too, was much different than the other Connelly novels I had read. They were much darker with a definite spookier theme.

I’m all for creative processes, but I thought that this was a bit of a stretch, so I looked up the author on Google and discovered my “error”.

So Mr Connelly writes homicide stories with no twist, and Mr Connolly writes homicide stories with a twist!

When I’ve had enough of homicide with or without goblins, I read a Janet Evanovich novel. I picked up one the other day while grocery shopping.

Silly modern day romances, to be sure, but sometimes a needed break from death and destruction.

The latest is a story called Smitten. The author writes:

Smitten is the story of a single mom with a fixer-upper house and a desperate need to find a job. Desperate times call for desperate measures and our single mom talks a local carpenter into giving her a position on his crew. Okay, so it’s a pity position, an she knows zip about construction, but it’s a start, right?

She goes on to describe the gorgeous, sexy attributes of the local carpenter. After all it is a romance novel. But who cares about that? It’s a book about home improvements and repairs!

How much fun is that?!

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