Presumed Innocent

I was hesitant about writing posts featuring the projects I work on. I’m not sure some of my clients would like to read about themselves on the World Wide Web. Nor was I sure if they needed to read my thoughts on them and the jobs they want me to do…

My business has been taking over more and more of my life, and the time I spend on projects has brought me good story fodder. Most of the stories aren’t about the client anyhow, but their projects. I’ve decided to write about some of them. I’d change the names to protect the innocent, but we know there are no innocent people…so I’ll change the names because it will be fun…

I was working on a particularly nasty project last week. And I’ll get into that story in another post. This is a story of what is sadly becoming the common denominator in the projects I work on.

I don’t expect the general population to know much about anything they hire professionals to do, whether it is computer repair, car repair, or home improvements and repairs. After all, that is what hiring someone is about.

For instance, I know nothing about car repair. I hire someone to fix my cars. I know nothing about cutting hair. I pay some one to style it. I hire a professional not for their labor, but for their expertise in their field.

As an example, I’m sure with a hammer and duct tape, I can fix a car; with a sharp pair of scissor, I can even cut hair. I’m also sure I’d never have a satisfied or returning client in either field. Labor vs expertise.

What I’m finding now is how easy it was for my clients to get rooked by supposed professionals, and how a contractors license doesn’t mean diddly when it comes to expertise. I don’t understand how a professional can behave, well, so unprofessionally. I would think a satisfied client would also be a returning client.

And, hopefully, a client with many friends with home improvement needs.

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