Snap, Crackle, Pop

Never let it be said I don’t take care of me. After all, It’s All About ME!

I was reminded of this fact today when I went to my chiropractor. I go for adjustments twice a month. Not because I have any injuries. Just because I’m old and he keeps all my body parts moving. The weeks that I don’t see my chiropractor, I see my massage therapist. In my opinion, if more people saw massage therapists and chiropractors regularly, they wouldn’t need health insurance. Just my opinion of course.

Depending on my work load, or the type of work I’m doing in any particular two week stretch, I have my chiropractor focus on either my right shoulder, or my lower back. Today was a lower back day. My lower back gets so stiff that I can’t walk with a full swing of my hips. If it’s a particularly physical week, the pain works its way down the back of my leg, making my life miserable.

My chiropractor isn’t one of those grab and jerk kind of docs. My appointments are 30 minutes long, and he does deep tissue massage, and ligament stretching (if needed) before he adjusts. There are days though, that his adjustments leave me wondering if I have an abnormal number of vertebrae. It seems that there are more cracks, pops and snaps than 33 vertebrae should make.

My chiropractor is originally from the East Coast, so he complete gets (and shares) my sense of sarcasm and humor. He doesn’t get offended, and even understands when I asked him if he went to the Marquis de Sade School of Chiropractic Studies. Although, he does nuke the gel he uses after the first time he used it cold and had to peel me off the ceiling.

I discussed with the Marquis that my astonishing sound effects were mostly caused by the fact I have been unable to visit my massage therapist for the past 2 weeks.

He inquired as to why.

“Can you believe she had the audacity to get married and go on a honeymoon?” I replied.

At least the Marquis understands…

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