My contact from Italy snail mailed me the latest information discovered on the Sicilian branch of my family tree. Of course, he already sent me the information in an email, but now I have the official documentation.

“Città di Ragusa, Certificato di Stato di Famiglia Storico” the paper is titled.

(The City of Ragusa, Certificate of Status of Family History)

Emanuele and Giovanni were two of my grandfather’s brothers we were positive remained in Ragusa, had their families there, and eventually, died there. He was able to trace the three children Emanuele but as all three were female, they were much harder to trace once they married.

That story goes: Emanuele (1898 to 1947) married Giovanna (1908-1996) and had three daughters, Carmela (1925-?), Giuseppa (1933-?), who immigrated to Australia in 1952, and Giovanna, who only lived for 3 months.

Giovanni (1888-1970) and his wife Giovanna (1892-1963), on the other hand had a son Giuseppe (1923-2004) and a daughter Giovanna (1926-?)

My search for relatives in the Ragusa area almost ended here, as Giuseppe moved to Montereale in 1950. At first, I thought my relative had moved to Montreal in Canada, but Montereale is in the Abruzzi region of Italy. Whether North Italy or North America, he moved back to Ragusa in 1952!

It is the son of this Giuseppe (Claudio, 1962-present) that I have contacted.

I found it necessary to purchase the genealogy tracking software program, Legacy Deluxe 6.0 by Millennia. Powerpoint was good enough to show who was who for a generation or two, but it was getting more complicated to keep the Giovanni’s and Giovanna’s, Carmela’s and Carmelo’s, Giuseppe’s and Giuseppa’s straight as each generation was revealed!

The program keeps track of all manner of information from the normal (birth, marriage, death dates), to the curious (manner of death, place of burial). It also offers areas for notes for those things that come up that need a bit of explaining. Enough of those tidbits, and it might make for an interesting family saga read…

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