Still Crazy After All These Years

My friend and I visited the Orange County Fair this weekend. It reminds me of the fairs of my youth, only much bigger. Paul Simon was playing there, but we couldn’t find where. I’m sure we could have asked someone there, but we were too distracted by the overwhelming amount of food to search for Garfunkel’s former partner.

Fortunately for us, the food booths started as soon as we walked in the front gate. In an odd twist, right behind the food sections is the area where the farm animals where penned. Animal odors notwithstanding, we forged ahead, our appetites intact.

The first booth we came across offering savory foods was a booth selling grilled corn. The perfect appetizer! It was the sweetest I’ve had in a long time. It was so sweet, it needed no adornment.

Of course, that didn’t stop me. I added butta!

Our next stop was dinner. I had a shredded barbeque roast beef sandwich. Lord, what a delicious mess that was! My friend couldn’t find anything in the immediate vicinity to eat, so we moved on. I stumbled across a place selling caramel apples AND cotton candy, so naturally, I had to get both. I should have waited for the more delectable desserts.

Around the corner from the cotton candy booth, we discovered a stand selling hot apple crisp, freshly baked cookies, and other goodies. Being a wise woman, my friend decided life was short and chose to eat dessert before dinner.

Life is good.

We walked around the fair, eating our way through each aisle, looking at the different booths selling their wares. Some areas reminded me of a swap meet, but many areas were selling hand crafted items that were incredibly beautiful. There was one area set up with many of the crafts that had been judged and award 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place. Quilts, paintings, photography and furniture.

It was near the furniture area where the exhibit took place that made the price of the entrance fee worth every penny. (In case the sweetest corn in the world wasn’t worthy enough!)

We saw a booth set up with a lathe, and a man about to carve into a block of wood. In about 20 minutes, he took a block of wood that was 4 x 4 x 8 inches and proceeded to carve out a wine goblet! It was a most extraordinary accomplishment! We talked to some of the other wood workers to find out where we could learn how to do this. They offer weekend workshops in the immediate area!

Might be my next profession…

Of course, all that we ate helped us to decide which rides to avoid. Mostly, all of them! As I don’t do the spinning rides and my friend doesn’t do the up and down rides our eating habits prevented the necessity of the coin toss.

We passed the rides and headed for the games and arcades area where the shysters and shucksters tried to entice the money from our pockets.

But there was so much more food to sample to waste it on games with prizes we didn’t want.

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