Fan Fanatic

It’s been hot. Very,very hot. Melting-can’t sleep-sweat-pouring-down-your-nose-to-your-toes hot. My forearms are sticking to my desk and laptop keyboard. No wonder I haven’t posted!

I don’t have air conditioning in my house, frankly, because I don’t need it. I live 4 miles from the beach in a town that gets an on shore breeze much of the year. Once a year, usually in August, we get a heat wave where temperatures hang out in the high 90’s. It usually lasts for a few days. Then everything goes back to normal. In October, the winds shift a bit and come in from the desert, giving us another spell of hot, extremely dry weather.

This, this mess of a weather situation is not usual. I feel like I live in Savannah Georgia. Hot, humid days where it barely cools off after the sun goes down. We even had a few mid afternoon rain showers.

My animals are doing the best they can to keep cool also. This involves them lying around in any cool spot they can find. The dog will lie down for a time then move to a new cool spot 3 inches away when her body warms it up. The cat just lays anywhere and looks like she’s melting.

I stuck it out for a few days then decided I needed a fan. It seems everyone else had the same idea because the first three stores I went to were sold out of fans.

I finally found one at Bed Bath & Beyond. I was glad they had it there, because I own their stock. I’m trying to do my part in getting their stock up out of the toilet.

The weather reports are claiming this hot sticky stuff will be around for a while.

At least I know where to get more fans.

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