Sugar and Spice & Everything Nice

I met some friends for dinner in Mozambique the other day. Not the country, mind you, but the restaurant in Laguna Beach.

Laguna Beach is about 45 minutes south of me. Heading down there at dinner time is quite the pleasant drive. I get to use a highway that doesn’t have much traffic on it, and makes for a zippy ride.

Once you get off the highway though, it can be torturous. There are only two ways that I know of into Laguna; either the 133 or Pacific Coast Highway. During the summer, both are a nightmare, because during the summer, Laguna Beach is home to the Pageant of the Masters and the Sawdust Festival. I haven’t been to either in a few years, but I liked both when I did go.

Pageant of the Masters is one of the most incredible art exhibits I’ve ever seen. They take masterpieces and recreate them life size, using real people. The displays are so lifelike that, other than the size, it’s hard to tell the original from the recreation. They usually take one masterpiece and show you from start to finish how they make it happen. Even then, it’s impossible to tell that it’s a mastery of allusion.

Anyhow, all the people who managed to get tickets to the pageant were on the road, in my way. Eventually I made it to the restaurant and waited the arrival of my friends. Out side of the restaurant, they had 2 Macaws, one blue and yellow in color, the other mostly red.

Huge birds with loud screams and screeches; they would catch some wandering patrons off guard with a voice made to be heard through the trees of the rainforests.

I decided to wait out in the bar area which was up the stairs, past a sign that asked to please keep the noise down for the neighbors. I wonder if the birds could read.

I had a wonderful dinner that started off with the Wok-Charred Ahi Tuna appetizer, followed by the 10 oz. Center-Cut Filet of Beef. My lemonade came with a swizzle stick made of rock candy!

All in all, another great place for dinner.

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