Gifts for Mom

I don’t worry much about my home or animals when I travel. I have an automatic feeder for the dog, a container of food for the cat, a fancy faucet thing for them to drink all the filtered water they want, and a dog door so they can come and go as they please.

Plus, I have satellite TV. This is important.

Not so the cat can watch CNN while I’m gone, or the dog reruns on Animal Planet, but because it brings the neighbor’s kids over. They don’t have satellite where they live, so they come to my house when I’m not home and watch all the cool channels that I get.

The system is a little bit complicated, with the satellite and TIVO being fed through a stereo receiver. I’ve got a universal remote that looks like something off the USS Enterprise that controls the whole thing. You just have to know which buttons to push and in which order to push them, and satellite is at your command.

This time, I left detailed instructions on how to use the satellite, TIVO and remote. I typed out instructions and put stickies on the various components for easier understanding.

With adequate instructions, the kids came by often. Which means the dog isn’t alone for very long. The cat must have been alone too much, because when I got home, there were bird feathers all over my house. And I mean, all over.

As I swept up the mess, I was waiting to find some half eaten carcass. Or two. (There were a lot of feathers.) I have yet to find any left over bird parts, but I’m still looking.

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