Weirdness Overseas

There hasn’t been much weird news lately.

Wait a minute, who am I kidding! There is always something weird going on! The truth is I’ve been a bit busy and haven’t checked my odd news site in while.

It being a leisurely Sunday morning, I decided to give it a peek. I glanced at all the titles, noticing that the majority of the weird news stores are out of Berlin Germany. Now why is that? Is Berlin some Bermuda Triangle of weirdness?

A Berlin postal working hoarding mail.
A Berlin Foster mother ordered to remove a marijuana crop her teenage son was growing.
A Berlin thief robbing a judge at his trial.
Two Berlin thieves flagging down a taxi as a get-a-way vehicle.

The best story this week though was out of London. Women of London have been warned by police to make sure they wear nice pants when out boozing it up in case they fall down drunk in the street.

The magazine that carried the article also recommended that in case pants were out of the question at least have a good waxing.

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