It’s Good To Be Home

My fish is gone, my grass is high, it’s hotter than heck and parts of the state are burning uncontrollably.

On the good side, my dog loves me and my cat missed me.

There is just no good time to fly out of the East Coast and come back to the West Coast. Either we hit traffic going in, or my sister hits traffic going home, or we have to get up at the crack of dawn or I get in at the stroke of midnight.

The solution? I book an evening flight and have my sister drop me off at the airport early. We leave around 1, we get there around 3:00, she avoids most of the traffic going home, and I people watch at the airport.

It didn’t work out so well for my sister, who got stuck in some weather phenomenon that resembled a hurricane, tornado, hail storm and deluge all in one. She said her windshield wipers couldn’t keep up with the rain. When I asked her why she just didn’t pull over and wait out the squall, she said traffic was moving so slowly that it was like they were parked anyhow.

As for me, I made it though security in about 93 seconds. Checking my watch, I had 3 hours to kill before boarding, so decided to have something to eat. Then I had 2 ½ hours to kill. Doot da do. I can just imagine security watching me. I strolled to the bathroom, went to Dunkin Donuts for a tea and donut, browsed at some books, thought about chocolate, then headed back to the bathroom from the tea.

While sitting in the terminal by my gate, they made an announcement.

“Flights to Boston are currently delayed for 3 hours. Things might change, so stay tuned.” Yeah right. There was no way that news was going to get any better. I was glad I wasn’t flying to Boston. You could rent a car and get there faster than waiting in the airport for 3 hours.

Eventually it was my time to board the plane. We all boarded, got our luggage stowed, seat belts fastened and were able to back out of the gate 5 minutes early!

“Wahoo!” I thought. “I’ll be home on time!”

After about 30 minutes of sitting on the runway, the pilot comes on and says,

“You probably noticed that one engine has been shut down. We’ve got clearance to shut the other down to conserve fuel. We’re currently 28th in line for take off and should be leaving in 45 minutes.”

So much for boarding and backing out on time! And I, for one, did not notice an engine had been turned off.

An hour and ½ after we were supposed to take off, we were airborne. I figured that it wasn’t that bad. I’d still get home before midnight. I rented a movie to watch on the plane, which is the first time I’ve ever done that. It will probably be the last time too. The sound is horrible, and the screen is too small. Fortunately I wasn’t watching a movie that required THX surround sound. After the movie, I read a book on my laptop and started another and still had plenty of battery to spare when I decided to stop reading and watch some TV.

5 ½ hours later when the pilot announced our descent, I noticed we were only 10 minutes late! I guess when you use both engines, you can get there on time!

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