Contact, At Last!

I heard from my researcher in Italy. He’s actually made contact with a living relative of mine!

Here is a recap of the story so far.

Great Grandparents –

Great Aunts and Uncles –
Emanuela Giovanna,
Carmelo Salvatore,

Great Cousins – (so far)
From Giovanni – Giovanna, Giuseppe.
From Emanuele – Carmela, Giovanna, Giuseppa

My Generation Cousins (so far)
From Giovanni’s Giuseppe – Ivana, Claudio.

My researcher has contacted Claudio, who is 44, and living in Ragusa. He was very excited to hear that a relative from the US was interested in getting in contact. His computer is currently not working (wahooo! Ragusa Sicily has computers!) but he’s going to get it fixed. In the meantime, I have his snail mail address.

I’m going to have to brush up on my Italian and send him a letter!

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