A Whole Different World

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Oh wait, that story has already been told.

I do have a story that makes me wonder, though, what planet I’m on.

My sister, my mom and I met one morning at the kitchen counter. My sister had been up for hours, my mom for ½ that time, and me just barely.

My sister was deciding on what to have for lunch, my mom had already eaten breakfast, and I was wondering if it was nap time yet when the doorbell rang.

I answered the door, and there was a woman there. She was in her late 50’s and her car had broken down across the street.

“My car has broken down across the street. May I use your phone?” she asked.

“Sure!” the three of us said.

I let her in, and handed her the phone. She told us the phone was too advanced of a technology for her to use, and asked if we might dial the number for her.

My mom dialed the number for her, handed her the phone. She reached her party, explained her situation, and handed the phone back to my mom to hang it up.

While waiting for her party to arrive on site, she told us she had been a resident of town for 59 years. Then we started playing the “do you know…?” game.

It’s a small town, with many residents having lived here for 30 or more years. She mentioned a few names, we remembered those same names, and discovered that we’re almost related.

My mom and she shared a cup of tea while she waited for her car to be towed.

After she left, I was discussing with my mom how different my two worlds are.

For one thing, in California, no one needs to ask someone to use their phone, because no one is without a cell phone. They’re on them all the time. They are on then while driving, while eating, while dining out, while in the movies, while in the store, everywhere.

For another, a simple portable phone is not considered a technological challenge.

Lastly, in California you don’t let people you don’t know in your house. Half the time you don’t let people you DO know in your house.

Our morning visitor finished her tea and after her car was loaded, she was on her way.

It’s a nice place to visit…

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