The Other Side

I made it! I’m on the other home front. The flight in was okay. No twitchy people, crying kids or chatter boxes sitting near me.

I remembered this time (after many years of flying Jet Blue) to bring my own food on the plane. I remember to eat breakfast before I go but after that, all that’s left to eat is Jet Blue’s snacks (blue chips or animal crackers!) I always think that I’ll just eat on the ground in NY. I forget the time change makes it late for whoever is picking me up and my dinner time is their bedtime. So, I packed my little Tupperware with bbq chicken wings, greek pasta salad and strawberry jello.

The pilot flew around or over any storms in our path, making the ride smooth. The only problem was after landing. With the severe thunderstorms in the area, it caused a backlog of planes waiting to take off. It took over an hour to arrive at the gate.

My first day on vacation, and I spent it driving up to the capitol to pick up the paperwork I had mailed in my ongoing quest for Italian citizenship. Somewhere in the two phone calls I made to the Secretary of the State’s Department of Apostille, they neglected to tell me that there was a problem with 3 out of the 4 pieces of paper I had sent in. I managed to keep my cool, getting instructions on how to correct those issues. I doubt I’ll be flying home with the papers I need, so I’ll just have to have them mailed to me. I’m glad I’m not in a hurry!

A few summers ago, my family had a new pool installed. My sister and I had a pool growing up. First we had a little kiddie pool. Then every few years something a little bigger and a little more permanent was installed, until we finally had a 24 foot above ground circular pool.

My mom had that pool removed about 6 years ago, because no one was here to enjoy it any more. Now that the house is once again the command center of the town, a new 30 foot pool was installed. This summer the deck is going in. A 12’ by 22’ foot deck to sunbathe, life guard or just hang out.

Fortunately for builder, I’m in town the exact week they’re building the deck and I work for food.

I’ll be posting pictures as the work progresses.

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One Response to The Other Side

  1. Angie says:

    Isn’t it funny how small memories bring back so much – It’s amazing how seemingly little experiences make such a big impression. I love above ground pools. We had one growing up and now I have one with my kids.I have a 15′x 4′ Intex Metal Frame pool with the 1000gph filter. We also got the Saltwater Generator that Intex makes. It is heavenly & the kids love it. My parents had a softener in our house when I was growing up that we would fill with salt and my hair always felt like it was conditioned even when I didn’t use conditioner. This totally reminds me of that.

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