Is It Too Much To Ask?

All I want to do is run a successful business. I figure if I offer a desired product with good customer service, throw in a smattering of conscientiousness, I should do okay.

And so far, I am doing okay.

Why is it then, other businesses succeed while offering a product with horrible customer service and with employees only conscience of paychecks and weekends?

We already know how I feel about the US Postal Service. Of course, after posting the last story, I went back to use their automated postal service kiosk, again with disastrous results. It’s best that I’m not around people when services fail.

All I wanted to do was mail a small package. It’s a simple process really. You put your package or letter on the scale, type in the ship-to zip code, accept the weight, enter your debit or ATM card and buy one of 4 selections of postage.

Simple for me, simple for most. Except, of the 4 selections, only one was working. Guess which one? The Automated Postal service kiosk responds to my request with these choices:

• REGULAR MAIL $.39 (technical problem, not available)
• 2 DAY $4.38 (technical problem, not available)
• Something I don’t remember. (technical problem, not available)

How can that be? We have one machine that prints out several kinds of postage on only one kind of paper. Either all should be down, or none.

I know gas prices are expensive, but I could have delivered the package myself for less than $14 in gas money.

To continue with this tirade, as I’m now incorporated, I needed to open a Business Checking account. Two hours in the chair in front of the Personal Financial representative to open an account that 1 week later and 5 hours of my time spent on the phone with customer service, I still have no access to. No checks, no online web service, no bank card. In order to cancel this account, I have to go BACK into the bank to talk with a customer service representative.

That will have to wait for a calmer day.

On my next day off, I tried another bank. All their Personal Financial representatives were no where to be seen. One was en route to the office; the other didn’t handle small business accounts. Two people, but 12 desks in the lobby…

I left there and headed to work, still bankless. When I got home, I searched the internet for banks that specialize in small business accounts, or at least offer them. What I found is that some offer flexible services, but have no branches in a 25 mile radius of me. Okay, if I don’t plan on using the account. Others have branches all over the place, but no flexibility in their accounts.

I think I’ve finally found one that offers both. On my next day off I’ll give them a shot…

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