Code Copies

I’m currently reading a book by James Rollins, called Map of Bones. Before I started reading this book, I had just finished Kathy Reich’s new book, Cross Bones. While reading that book, I was also reading a book by AJ Hartley, Mask of Atreus.

It seems the “in” topic to write about lately is the dead and the mysterious circumstances surrounding their lives, deaths and the bones they’ve left behind.

While none are quite the “ground breaking”, “earth shattering”, “controversial” story of the Da Vinci Code, all are good stories in their own.

The Mask of Atreus starts and ends off differently…No Vatican involvement, no church history controversy. Instead, it’s a little Greek mythology, a little Nazi infiltration, bones, and a nerd for a heroine.

An obscure museum’s dead proprietor lies in a secret room surrounded by one of the world’s most astonishing collections of Greek antiquities. Only a priceless Mycenaean death mask has been taken, along with the bones of a legendary hero thought to exist only in ancient myth

James Rollins is a new author to my collection of favorite authors. I like the way he writes, I like the stories he tells. For a man whose real life profession is veterinarian, he either has a vivid imagination, does amazingly detailed research, or is living a double life. His books usually involve covert spy agencies, special gadgets, and devious villains. This book has Vatican involvement (including a covert Vatican spy agency!), church history controversy, bones, and a kick ass hero.

A mysterious biblical object, nefarious Vatican spies and a deadly centuries-old religious cabal—sound familiar? Sacramento veterinarian Rollins offers more Da Vinci Code–style thrills for the seriously addicted. In this seventh outing, hooded men invade midnight mass at the Cologne Cathedral and slaughter almost everyone present, then break open a gold sarcophagus and steal… the bones of the Three Wise Men.

Kathy Reichs book is another story in the Temperance Brennan and Andrew Ryan series. Ms Reichs is also the executive producer of Wednesday night’s “Bones”, the TV version of her books. I’ve read all her books and enjoyed each of them. All of her books are “inspired” by her real life job as a Forensic Anthropologist and her latest book is no exception. This one is a bit different as the bones discovered came from a tomb robbed in Israel, and, yep, you guessed it, revolve around religion.

…so the duo head to Israel where they attempt to solve the murder and a mystery revolving around a first-century tomb that may contain the remains of the family of Jesus Christ. This find threatens the worldwide Christian community, the Israeli and Jewish hierarchy and numerous illegal antiquity dealers, any of whom might be out to kill Tempe and Ryan.

So far, all three books have flown under the radar of the Da Vinci Code protesters. You might want to read them before they’re yanked from the shelves. Let the hunger strikes, protests and bannings begin…

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