Bunny Money

Last year, during the fall semester, I filled out an application for a Long Beach City College Scholarship. I’m proud to say that I was awarded two scholarships for $500 each.

Not bad for a bio that took me about 15 minutes to write. Both awards are for OUTSTANDING SCHOLASTIC ACHIEVEMENT AT LONG BEACH CITY COLLEGE. I have no idea what this means. When the awards were given out, I had only completed one semester of school. True, I did well enough on my grades, but OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT? I hardly think that qualifies.

I was unable to attend the awards ceremony because I was serving jail time for non criminals (also known as JURY DUTY). This meant I was required to pick up my scholarship package. Which I did today. The package consists of two certificates and two letters of congratulations / instructions. No checks. These letters also include the name of the scholarship, but no details. I thought that was strange. I’d like to know how I qualified for each. The first is the Bill Armstrong Memorial Scholarship, and the second is the E. Glen Conrad Memorial Scholarship. I’ve Googled both, but came up empty.

I can pick up 1/2 of each check after August 8th, AFTER I enroll in the fall schedule (full time, although exceptions are made). When my fall grades and spring enrollment are verified, I can then pick up the second 1/2 of each check, after January 8, 2007.

None of which was mentioned in the scholarship application.

Still, not bad for 15 minutes of work.

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