Not a Towel In Sight

I’m reading my weird news site this morning when I read of a 27 year old Amsterdamian (also known as a Dutchman) who washed his car. Not at all weird, as I’m sure most people have washed a car at least once in their lifetime.

THIS Amsterdamian decided that the best way to dry his newly washed car was to air dry it. He figured that going 50 kilometers an hour over the speed limit was the appropriate speed for optimal drying. The police thought otherwise.

Police confiscated the car. “Because he did not have his driver’s license with him, his clean car was confiscated until he produces it,” a police spokeswoman said.

The article doesn’t say how much an Amsterdam speeding ticket is when going 50 kilometers an hour over the limit. It also doesn’t say how much it will cost to remove the car from the impound. Money that, I’m sure, would allow you to buy scads of towels or a life time membership to the car wash.

Besides, everyone knows the only things that can be sufficiently dried by speeding is your hair and your dog’s nose.

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