Malls are HELL!

I know I posted a story about my recent visit to a shopping mall. I know I said I don’t go to malls often, and I don’t. Really.

Here in California, we have outdoor malls. With the weather as nice as it for much of the year, it’s a viable option in shopping.

I was meeting some friends for dinner at PF Chang’s to celebrate their recent engagement and impending marriage. Along with California’s outdoor malls, they also have tons of traffic. I don’t like to be late, so I usually allow for any stuck in traffic time. As usually happens, the traffic was light and I was not only NOT late, but 40 minutes early leaving me time to wander around yet another mall.

Fashion Island is located in Newport Beach. It’s possible that the TV show “OC” is filmed on location here, as this mall is the epitome of Orange County, California. It is very “white”, very wealthy, and mostly unreal. Plastic surgery seems to be a resident requirement.

Anyhow, while killing time before dinner, I decided to stroll through the mall. I walked through the atrium, gazed upon the koi pond, (I wonder if their fish disappear), watched children splashing in the fountain, strolled by a carousel and avoided the kiddie train all together. I walked by stores I’ve never heard of which I’m not sure I can afford to shop in, and stores I’ve heard of which I’m sure I can’t afford to shop in.

I was walking around looking at all the kiosk offerings when I felt a slap in the head. Thinking it was my friend sneaking up behind, I turned to look. I was greeted by a brewer’s blackbird, eye level, getting ready to attack again. I gave it the LOOK and it flew away. After a few more steps, I turned to look back and the bird was swooping down towards the next victim.

Just another reason why I don’t like malls.

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