Somewhere Off Route 38

I went for a ride this weekend with a friend to visit another friend at her vacation cabin in the Angelus Oaks-Seven Oaks-Barton Flats area of San Bernardino County.

I love going up to this cabin, especially in late spring and early fall. It all starts with a nice drive up Route 38. As you zig and zag your way up the elevation, there comes a point when you’re no longer breathing LA air, but the clean, crisp, pine scented air of the San Bernardino Forest.

A left turn after the last zag takes you a short way downwards eventually ending at the gate of the Weesha Country Club. In reading their website, the name was to signify Country as in Country, not Country as in Golf Course! And country it is!

Hummingbird Haven, as this cabin is referred to, has a river running through its back yard. The rushing waters of the Santa Ana River have acted as a backdrop to yard, card, and board games we’ve played on the lawn or porch during our Girls Weekends.

During the fall visits, we usually spend our time peeling, baking and eating apples picked right from the trees at the club’s orchard. I’ll pick, peel and eat, but the baking is best left to the others! After dinner we feast on all manor of apple inspired desserts with pots of tea and a roaring fire in the fire place.

The spring visits find a world awakening from snow falls with blooms of vibrant color and the daring do of the Hummingbirds. During this past visit, we missed the crocuses, but saw the iris and columbine. I managed to snap a few pictures of the hummingbirds feeding and a columbine in full bloom.

It was chilly enough in the mountains for jeans, sweatshirts and a fire, although for the others, the fire was more for setting than for warmth. A wonderful dinner of charcoal grilled tri tip and veggies, followed by fresh fruit (albeit store bought) and toppings during which I soundly defeated my friends in a challenging game of Scrabble only to be outscored at Upword.

Next time we’ve agreed to try a variation on the standard Scrabble game, called Phonetic Scrabble. No dictionaries necessary!

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