Finally, Disney

I’ve always loved Walt Disney. Anyone who can build an empire with a mouse named Mickey has it all together in my book. Anyone who can buy 27,000 acres in Florida under all those noses to create a world all their own is a star. Anyone who defies the odds, hurdles the roadblocks and follows their dreams despite all the naysaying deserves their version of the American dream and all that goes with it.

I liked watching the Wonderful World of Disney when I was young. I liked when a new Disney movie was released. I think a trip to Walt Disney World in Florida every 5 years is an admirable goal. My kitchen is “done in Disney”. I have a passport to Disneyland in California. My dream is to go to every Disney Park in the world.

I’ve always wanted to own Disney stock, simply to be a part of this amazing company. I wanted to own a part of The Happiest Place on Earth. Who wouldn’t?

Only problem I saw with owning my share of Walt, was that since Walt died, it wasn’t such a great company.

Michael Eisner (the CEO) took the fantasy out of Fantasy Land. He tamed the wilderness right out of Frontier Land then sent the future to the past in Tomorrow Land. He took all that made Disney, well, Disney and strangled the life out of it.

Then Eisner pissed off Steve Jobs.

I like Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs and a buddy started Apple Computer when they were college students. I see a little bit of Walt in Steve. Innovative, a visionary, willing to follow his dream no matter who says it’s a dumb idea. After the board of directors at Apple fired Steve, he started Pixar. I bought into Pixar simply because Steve Jobs was the CEO and I liked his vision, and his defiance. When the Apple board of directors realized their mistake in firing Jobs, they begged him to come back. He went back, turned Apple around and became the CEO again. CEO of Apple, CEO of Pixar. Even Walt didn’t do that.

Eisner is out. Iger is in. Robert Iger is no Walt, but he has a vision. And so far, Steve Jobs likes him. Disney has bought all shares of Pixar in a 2.4 to 1 exchange.

I now own 250 shares of The Happiest Place on Earth. The place where Steve Jobs is the largest shareholder and on the Board of Directors.

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