Tribulations of Motherhood at Mutual Of Omaha

Where’s Jim when you need him?

For those of you with the two legged variety I’m not sure you can relate. I’m not sure even I can relate!

After a semi-long day at school and work, I came home before my second go around at school to eat a little something, check my email and do a little business paperwork. My old faithful mutt is lying on her pillow snoring gently while I’m clicking away on the keys.

Into the house comes Gemma, my CNN reading feline. The dog gets up, sniffs around, jumps back from the cat, both now underneath my feet. I look down and there is a wounded sparrow, nestled in my cat’s paws, bleeding and in shock.

A belated Mother’s Day gift, I’m sure.

I wrest control of the injured ave and wrap her in a towel and put her in my lap to keep her calm, allowing her time to awaken from her state of shock. About 3 minutes later, when she starts to twitch and skitter, I take her outside and put her high in the bird feeders so she can get her bearings.

A couple of chirps, a couple of hops and off she flew. I just hope she’ll recover from her wounds.

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