Welcome Home?

Sometimes, coming home is just no fun.

As with many of projects around the house, my walkway was “temporary”.

By definition, temporary means “lasting, used, serving, or enjoyed for a limited time.” And by definition, this walk way WAS temporary. This weekend I redid the walkway, ending its lasting service that I didn’t enjoy taking care of for the last 8 years.

About 3 years ago, I redid my back porch the right way. I dug down, leveled off the land, boxed it all in with paver stones, added pea gravel and sand, then added saltillo tile. I had enough pea gravel and paver stones to finish the front walkway the way that I wanted it to be.

Of course, 3 years later I finally get to that project. I dug up all the old stones, leveled off the land, framed it with paver tiles, added sand and pea gravel, then put in all the interlocking stepping stones.

Weekends are not long enough.

I buried the sprinkler tubing, moved my mail box, removed the weeds from the pots and added flowers, added the “P” decoration holder, then swept it all down.

Here is the after view. It’s nicer with the porch cleaned off, stones in place, plants surviving…

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