It’s a Novel People!

I read The Da Vinci Code for the first time 3 years ago, when it first came out. I saw the book at the online bookstore where I buy most of my books to download to my PDA. The blurb made the book sound interesting. The kind of books I like to read. Stories that include suspense, murder, intrigue.

It was an exciting book. It was not one of the best written stories I had ever read, but the story was exciting. I liked the story so much, I bought and read Dan Brown’s 3 other books, Angels and Demons, Deception Point, and Digital Fortress. Angels and Demons was similar in story to The Da Vinci Code; suspense, a murder or two, intrigue swirling around the history of the Catholic Church. Deception Point involved suspense, a murder or two, intrigue, but it swirled around a government cover up of the evidence that life exists (or existed) on Mars. It, too, opens like The Da Vinci Code, with an author’s note claiming that the events the novel is based on are real, the organizations mentioned in the story are real, but the story itself is a fabrication of the author’s imagination. Digital Fortress is a geek novel, about the possibility of a dangerous computer virus and the havoc it could wreak if released. Of course, I loved that one!

The Da Vinci Code (the book) is in it’s 54th printing, has sold more than 46 million copies in 40 countries, and has been on the NY Times best sellers list for most of it’s three plus year run. It is currently #16 on the Hardback Fiction list, AND #1 on the paperback list. On the USA Today website, they show the book coming in to the top 150 on March 27, 2003 and remaining in the top 150 for the last 165 weeks.

Since reading The Da Vinci Code I’ve also watched many of the specials on The Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel and others. As with any story that took place two millennia or so ago, it’s all conjecture–suspect record keeping, word of mouth stories–No hard facts or proof of anything. You believe what you want based on theory, assumptions, or faith.

When the movie was within weeks of it’s US release, I started seeing all the protests, from the Opus Dei, to Christian organizations to the Catholic Church. There are now world wide protests, hunger strikes, scholarly rebuttals, requests for disclaimers.

So now I have to ask myself, “If Christians around the world are so worried about a story from a novel shaking the foundation of their faith, what is their foundation built with?”

I should think their time spent protesting, rebutting, disclaiming and starving over a novel would be better spent prosecuting priestly pedophiles and nun murderers, exposing real life cover ups, ending wars, fighting poverty and disease, and striving towards the goal of making the world a calmer, cleaner place to live.

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