Wahoo! Yippee! Hooray!

School, for the spring semester, is almost over. I’ve decided to take the summer off to play a little and work a little. Actually, work a lot. Work on more paying jobs (customers), for one thing, and on one non-paying job (my house) for another.

I’m going to spend much of this weekend getting my house back into shape. I have neglected my house for the past year due in part to school and all that goes with it (class time, travel time, study time, homework time) and the rest to my business, leaving the home front looking pretty shabby and overgrown.

I’ll be taking some before and after pictures and posting them along with my home improvement stories. Hopefully I can keep the grass stains off my keyboard and the sheetrock dust off the screen!

For the last several weeks, I’ve been feeling a bit of a strain. The hours spent on school have greatly impacted my work schedule. Currently, I have three customers that the work on their houses alone should keep me busy until I’m ready to retire!

I’ve got so many people calling me for services that I can’t fit them all in. I’m actually considered not taking on any more customers until after August. But I’m thinking that with my new “no-school-included-schedule” I should be able to catch up and fit all in…

I should have gone into business for myself along time ago!

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