It’s Not Nice to Fool With Mother Nature

I’m watching CNN this morning, getting my morning dose of news around the world when a story about how NOT to get rid of scurrying critters from your attic is discussed.

It seems a man had a family of raccoons living in his roof line and their nocturnal activities were disturbing his sleep. Due in part, I’m sure, to sleep deprivation, he decided to deal with the varmint eviction on his own. After much thought, he decided that “smoking” them out was the best way to get rid of the pests.

He lit a small fire, in his attic hoping the smoke would scare the critters off. Raccoons, known to be more curious than the cat, decided to check it out instead of checking out. Momma raccoon got too close and caught on fire. She then fled through the attic in an attempt to extinguish the flames, in the process, igniting the insulation in the attic on fire.

The fire department was called out. The raccoons and house were saved. Too bad stoopit isn’t against the law…

Here’s your sign…

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