Ashes and Snow

I heard of this art exhibit that’s 30 miles away from me, from my sister, who is 3,000 miles away from this exhibit, who works with a woman who is 15 miles away from the exhibit. It’s a World Wide Wonder!

Being a child of technology, I checked out this visiting Nomadic Museum online at Also being a child of photography, and a child of nature, it looked like something I would enjoy. I purchased my ticket online, printed it to my printer, and made plans to head out on my only day off, Sunday.

As with most Southern California days in May, they start off overcast. Sometimes they clear up, sometimes they don’t. Dressing in layers takes on a whole new meaning on this coast. I was cold, so I had on a sweat shirt. Half way to my destination, it cleared up. I’m driving my convertible, top down, sun out WITH A SWEATSHIRT on.

Traffic heading towards the beach was a nightmare. I was following the instructions for parking, forgetting that even on the best of days the parking is impossible. I take a wrong turn and it’s 3 miles before I can turn around. I turned around only to find the assigned parking lot full. I try to remain calm, remembering that it is my day off and I don’t have to rush or be concerned about anything, but it’s hard when you’re melting.

Finally I find a parking structure with vacancies. I make my first stop a store to purchase a tee shirt. My second is to the bathroom.

NOW I can march on towards this exhibit. Ticket in hand I’m ready to see the reality of the website.

I don’t know what I was thinking. Beautiful sunshiny day; gorgeous temperatures; weekend; exhibit at the beach. AM I INSANE?

As I approached, I saw a line of not less than 2,000 people. I’m not exaggerating.

“Fools,” I thought. “Probably didn’t know you could purchase and print your tickets on line!”

“Fool” I am, for those 2000 WERE the people who purchased on line. Only about 100 people were waiting to purchase tickets.

Tee shirt or not, beach or not, sunshine or not, I was not waiting in a line for over two hours to see someone else’s photos!

I headed home for lunch!

(I did go back to see the exhibit. On a Thursday, at 4. I worked a ½ day, and played hooky from school. Parking was a snap, there was only ONE person in line ahead of me, and I wore the appropriate clothing. The exhibit was great. The photos were inspired, the presentation of the photos well done, the building housing the exhibit was perfect, the music was appropriate, and the accompanying movies tied it all together. If it comes to your area, I’d recommend seeing it.

But not on a weekend.)

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