Winged Visitor

After I put in my pond, I added some bird feeders. I bought tube feeders for golden finches, house finches, and sparrows. I bought trays for the mourning doves, glass flowers for the hummingbirds, a cage feeder to hold peanuts for the blue jays and a drinking dish in case they were thirsty.

It took almost 3 weeks before the first golden finch showed. One lone male had dinner. He flew off and told two friends. And they told two friends. Those friends brought dates.

The news spread throughout the local avian neighborhood.

It was mayhem! I was going through 5 cups of bird seed a day. Peanuts by the handful.

Oh, and the mess! What goes in does come out! But, I enjoyed the frantic pace of my winged visitors. A cacophony of singers, chirpers, caw-ers, and coo-ers.

Until one day, silence. Not a peep nor chirp. Not a bird in site. There one minute, gone the next. Evacuated into the trees.

“Strange”, I thought. I looked out my office window.

And there, sitting on my fence…was a juvenile hawk. Learning how to hunt.


She wasn’t successful that day, but three days later, her mom showed her how it was done.

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