Look Before You Leap

It never ceases to amaze me the stories I read about failed suicide attempts. Which, in my opinion, is a misnomer. The attempt was quite successful. The results are what failed.

I don’t advocate suicide because it seems like an oxymoron to be so successful at something that is so useless while on the other hand, failing at suicide leaves, well, a failure.

A story I was reading in my not quite Darwin Award link tells of a man who must compensate a rail company for repairs of damage and lost wages when he attempted to commit suicide by throwing himself under a train.

In leaping too late, instead of being crushed beneath the train, he crashed through the driver’s window, scaring him so badly he couldn’t work for several weeks. The would-be misnomer had to pay the equivalent of $2662 to replace the window and lost wages for the driver.

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