Ins and Outs

I was having lunch with a former co worker today. When I feel the craving for a sandwich or two, I call her to let her know I’ll be in the neighborhood. She has the (mis) fortune of living near a restaurant which serves the best Italian Roast beef sandwiches I’ve ever eaten.

While munching away on pure bliss in the form a shaved beef soaked in a juice flavored with sweet peppers, along with other herbs and flavorings, we discussed the merits of entrepreneurship. She found out about her possible impending separation from Corporate America in an ill timed publication of an org chart shown during a team meeting. The “before” org chart had her name on it, the “after” did not.

And folks say I have no tact.

Anyhow, as is the case with most lunch time conversations, we started to discuss current events. With a geek twist, for we are, at heart, geeks.

I’m sure that at a minimum, you’ve read about a topic that has been stirring debate across our country, the issue of illegal immigration. It is impossible to debate when both sides agree, so our food filled conversation didn’t even mention it. What we discussed instead was the other immigration.

“What other immigration?” you ask

“Virtual Immigration”, the geeks reply.

Sure, the powers that be call it Outsourcing, but is it really? Isn’t Virtual Immigration more about in sourcing foreign workers into the American workforce to provide services to Americans at a rate less than an American would be paid to provide same said service, than it is about any sources being out-ed (so to speak)?

Americans, great capitalists that we are, are always searching for ways to keep from spending money on a “need” in order have more $s to spend on a “want”. I read that the largest employer of illegal immigrants is the homeowner. Understandable, for who wants to pay top dollar when cheap labor will avail you to more funds for fun?

Can we protest the battle while we’re supplying the weapons?

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