Warren U

warren n.

a. An area where rabbits live in burrows.
b. A colony of rabbits.

I’ve been attending a local college, enrolled in their Electrical Technology curriculum. The first time I was on this campus, I was caught off guard by the rabbits.

Yes, rabbits. They run wild, all over the place. There are hundreds of them on campus. The school even collects money for the feeding and care of the rabbits. They come in every color combination. They come in all different sizes. Most are skittish, but I’ve been able to pet one or two on occasion.

It took a little adjusting on my part to get back in the swing of school, seeing as how it’s been a few years since I attended one, but after a week or so I was on top of my game. I was nervous when I signed up for the algebra class. Math was never my forte, especially algebra! I needn’t have worried.

Apprehension started when I bought the text book for the class. Not the kind of apprehension of being in over my head. The other kind. The kind that says “I paid $120 bucks for a college book that begins with Addition?” Not some fancy form of Addition, mind you. Regular, ordinary, 2nd grade Addition. Which was followed by regular, ordinary, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Then came fractions, decimal fractions, charts and graphs. Finally, 12 weeks into an 18 week semester we started Algebra. I was relieved! I GOT it. I UNDERSTOOD it.

I moved on to trigonometry and left the multiplication to the rabbits.

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