CNN – Cat News Network?

Either I have one of the smartest cats in the world, or the weirdest. Considering the source, I’m going with the latter.

Lately, I find myself sleeping on the couch more than I find myself sleeping in my bed. There is no particular reason, other than I fall asleep watching the news, and wake up 7 hours later.

Actually, I fall asleep during the commercial that announces that the news is coming. I never seem to make it to the news.

Last night being no different, I fell asleep during a preceding commercial. I woke with the sun to find one of my feline children sitting on the coffee table. If you’ve ever watched CNN’s Headline News you know about the annoying scrolling text on the bottom. As I laid there, I watched my cat watching TV. Her head would scan right to left with the scrolling text. My one year old was reading the news!

Now if I could only get her to relay to me what it was I slept through.

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