Fish Foibles

It started out as a mere hole in the ground. I had removed a fruit tree when I first bought the property. Not having enough money for dirt to fill the hole, I left it, noting it would be a great place to put a small koi pond some day.


“Some day” turned into eight years, but I finally installed a pond in my back yard. I neatened up the hole, put in a liner, added a fountain, plants and water, and bought some fish.

“Fancy goldfish”. Not as expensive as koi, but to the untrained eye, they look the same. I didn’t want to spend money on the expensive stuff until I learned if I could be a fish mother.

For a whole year it turned out I was a good fish mother. For a year, my goldfish flourished. I learned that you can not over feed fish. The more you feed, the more they eat, the more they grow, the more they poop, the more you clean.

Then one day, they were no more. I made the mistake, while filling the pond, of forgetting to shut the water off. I don’t know if it was shock due to a temperature difference, or the chemicals (pollutants) in the water, but by the afternoon, I had four fish a floating.

In the 10 months since, I have purchased 12 more fish. None have survived. What’s scary though is that most of the time, I can’t find the bodies.

“Do I have a wild varmint using my pond as his private grocery store?”

“Have my children left for bluer ponds?”

I’m going to give the fish thing one last shot. I’ve purchased a pond net that promises to keep leaves, debris and predators out of my pond.

Stay tuned…

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