Seeing Red

Spring has sprung
The grass has riz
I wonder where the birdies is?
“The bird is on the wing.”
How absurd, I thought the wing was on the bird!

Many years ago, my father and I would have a competition to see who could spot the first Robin Red breast of the spring. Only when you saw an American Robin did you know spring had truly arrived. No matter the ground hog’s predictions, no matter the blooming of the forsythia or the tulip, no matter the temperature.

The males, with their darker red chest arrive first, preceding the females by around 3 weeks. They come late March, having spent the winter in warmer climes. They look for suitable housing then they look for a suitable mate.

I was on the other home front recently removing the remnants of that other spring tradition, the April Spring Shower. Although I don’t know if 2 inches of rain can be considered a shower. A Spring Deluge, maybe. Anyhow, while taking a break from sucking water up out of the basement and returning it from whenst thou came, I saw MY first robin.

Hey Dad! I won.

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