Two Verses Eights

I’m working on a project that involved me having to enter the crawl space of the house. The first time my client showed me the entrance, I was ecstatic. It allowed me to enter under the house without having to do the commando crawl. For which my knees were most grateful.

I grabbed my tools and crawled to the place where I was working the electrical, and glanced back at the opening 3 miles away (or so it seemed). Back lit by the work light the crawlspace looked like the makings of a horror movie! Spider webs in every nook and cranny! Some were swaying in some unfelt circulating air, some were twitching with the host arachnid disturbed either by the 500 W halogen lamp, or merely by my presence.

Trying to remember that I out-weighed them a million times over and that I was farther up the food chain then they, I made them an offer…You stay out of my hair, and I won’t smash you into oblivion with my hammer.

An offer they didn’t refuse.

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