AAA to the rescue

When I was 18, I wanted to buy a motorcycle. Not just a motorcycle, but A HARLEY DAVIDSON motorcycle. I never did buy it, instead took the more “mature” route and saved all my spare pennies for my future. I didn’t want to be old and broke. It was bad enough being young and broke.

Twenty something years later, I decided that focusing solely on my retirement meant I was depriving myself of fun today.

“What good was being a billionaire in my old age,” I asked myself, “if I was too old to get around?”

Sure, with that kind of cash, I could pay some one to tell me stories of fun, but there was no guarantee I’d have my hearing.

So, for my 40th-ish birthday, I struck a balance. I bought myself a toy. Not the motorcycle of my youth, but a toy whose brochure claimed it to be “a four wheel motorcycle”. The toy I bought myself was a convertible sports car. I figured if 2 wheels were good for my 20’s, 4 wheels should be just as good for my 40s. Besides, there is no helmet law if riding in a convertible.

In my part of the woods, AAA puts out a monthly magazine to its members. There is a section in this magazine that picks a locale, usually local, (sometimes not as local as I like) and offers up some information as to why I should spend some time there.

With this section of the magazine as my guide, I decide where I am going to venture next. Since living out here, I’ve visited 10 to 20 of their recommendations. The travels have gotten more exciting since buying the convertible.

With a few of these locales checked off my Ta do list, I can conclude:

  • The recommended sites are usually a small downtown area preserved from a time resembling its hey day.
  • There is at least one point of interest, two restaurants (in case you’re staying for dinner), and a few store fronts that sell mementos to remember your journey by.
  • If I drove through the area without AAA’s reference, I’d have driven by it and been none the wiser.
  • I get a weird tan line caused by the seat belt.

This is my life.

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