All Work and No Play

You can find any “play” related posts under “Life in the fast lane.” Here, I’ll tell you all about the life I lead when I’m not sporting around in my convertible.

For those of you interested, the translation for this category (Una giornata di lavoro) is A day’s work. If you’re not interested, you probably shouldn’t be wasting your time reading all this stuff.

In case you’re not up on all the details, (either you didn’t read my Christmas newsletter, or you didn’t make the Christmas newsletter list [which is most likely an oversight on my part. To get added to next year’s list, send me a comment], after 12 years of service with my latest sojourn through CORPORATE AMERICA, I was laid off.

They decided to tell me this on a Friday. On the Friday before Mother’s Day. On the Friday I was heading to my other home front for a family celebration. Initially, I was in shock. That lasted for 45 seconds. Then I was upset. Then I got on a plane heading home. I was no longer upset. I knew a plate of spaghetti was waiting for me. Spaghetti and meatballs in a homemade meat sauce heals all hurts. Unless I’m the one making the sauce. That usually involves some bloodshed on my part.

Anyhow, being surrounded by family and friends and a bottomless refrigerator, I came to the realization that I HATED working for CORPORATE AMERICA. With the old adage in mind of “when a door closes, a window opens”, I set about looking for my open window of opportunity.

Realizing the kind of life I could have had I decided to move back home, I decided to try that life without the moving home part. I decided to OPEN MY OWN BUSINESS. Being handy with hand tools, power tools, and just about any other tool and the projects they produce, (unless they are used in the kitchen), I decided that MY OWN BUSINESS was going to be residential improvements and repairs.

I made mention of this to a few friends, and WHOOSH! EVERY WINDOW IN SIGHT OPENED!

These are my stories…

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