The Court of Public Opinion

Dear Plaintiff

Brava! You won your small claim. Of course, it was necessary for you to play the helpless victim and use a wee bit of perjury, but hey, whatever! You won!

Let’s see though, how well you fare in the Court of Public Opinion.

If the judge were even remotely interested in the truth, he would have been interested in the dollar amounts. He would have seen an estimate of $2005, broken down into $780 for labor and $1225 for materials. He would have seen that after my difficulties with your project, I refunded $500 of the labor.

Leaving me a “profit” of $280.

He would have also understood that my attempt to get the manufacturer to ship a replacement was thwarted by your infinite stupidity when you refused that delivery, essentially throwing away $600.

He would have been informed that included in your demands for reimbursement, were the cost of all the materials used and still remaining in place. Like the shower head, arm and valve your tenant just had to have, the light switch necessary to run your new exhaust fan with a heater and light, and the duct work necessary to move the moisture to the outdoors, the insulation missing from your walls, the drywall, the new sub-flooring, which can now all be considered gifts from me to you.

Maybe with a little extra time I would have been able to explain about the 3rd party vendor you paid to demolish the old tiled shower enclosure. A vendor who turned out to be so completely incompetent at something requiring such a simple skill set and how her incompetence added 7  hours of labor to my schedule, which also can be considered a gift from me to you. 

It is a shame, too, there wasn’t time to talk about the friendship we had before, started over cookies accepted as payment for the replacement of a bathroom receptacle, the gallon of paint given to refurbish your office walls, and the installation of a ceiling fan for your master bedroom. I would also have mentioned the new lights installed in your kitchen and hallway, and the after hours visit to repair the service panel, gifts one and all. Gifts, I now see, wasted on such a greedy, vindictive con artist.

But, alas, justice is seemingly uninterested in the truth and more interested in expediency.

So while I called you a friend, I can now be even more thankful for the true friends I do have. And greet each day happy in the fact that I am not you.


The Defendant

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